Hello. Good morning.

Happy February. 
I for one, am so completely happy that January is finally behind us.  Although the Barn was closed for a couple days this week, I am relieved to report that we ended the week with a bang.  Best of all, I was able to put in some good quality time and and get a ton done.

... My list is still not complete.
But I have today and tomorrow to tackle a few projects.
... which reminds me, I heard the dryer buzz quite a while ago... ugh.
touch-up time..  
speaking of laundry... check out the fabulous LAUNDRY basket !!

This lamp just came in
Are you not loving it !!!
Hand thrown by a local potter, my friend Kate... 
and check out the shade !!! 

one of a kind.

Farmhouse is still very popular here at the Barn

MMS  - the color - Boxwood
Love this dresser.

My extremely large opening order HAS SHIPPED
and is coming soon.

I will work diligently on my new vignette to house the new paint line this weekend and into next week.
Stop by and pre-order or watch the panting in process this weekend.
I am so excited to get this set up and start workshops.

Stay tuned.

Barn news
I have approximately 3 issues left of the latest JdArc Living issue.
For those of you who get your copy shipped out - they are all on the way.

Need some visual stimuli on these long winter days.
Check out all the fun Books I have in stock..
Much more are on the way..

Call me ... books are easy to ship.

I'm off to the Barn to do more painting...
The wedding is coming up... next Friday.  I will try and get pictures posted this week.  I am excited to say another Bride- to- be has approached me. Maybe we will have 2 or 3 weddings at the Barn.

Stay warm - Lori

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