Retailer training - at the ironstone nest

Last week I drove to Madison, with my good friend Linda, to attend a Miss Mustard Seed's - Retailer training workshop.  The workshop was held at the Ironstone Nest and taught by the Lovely, Laura Distin.

We had the best time.
We Learned a ton about this incredible paint line and met some fabulous people.  
We even skiped with Marian... YES,  Marian - Miss Mustard Seed herself !!

Laura's workshop space was fabulous. I was insanely jealous of how well done the room was.  I wanted to buy most of her props / decor ... most she was "not ready to part with"...
Even tho. she was moving out the following week.
Changing locations...
Even for hard cold cash !!
I tried to convince her that things shouldn't sit in storage !!

... a girl has to try - and try I did, but I came home empty handed.

But we did have a blast and left with all the information you would need to use the paint, finishing products and to put on our own workshops.

painting, sanding, oiling, waxing ...
hemp oil resist
wet  sanding
 heat application
3:1 stain
all things that were so exciting and funky techniques we can teach in our advanced level workshop.

the first workshop  ( 101 ) is to teach how to properly mix the paint, how to apply it to what surfaces and what finishing top coat you need.

We stirred and mixed and painted and waxed.
So Fun.

We also ate and drank !!  
I discovered a new favorite beer when we visited Erin's Snub Irish Pub
Sam Adam's - Cold Snap.
Delicious ! 

Here is the lovely Laura 
check out the back wall !!

I am telling you the workshop was a blast.
If you have any interest...
we - Linda and I
are putting on our own workshops at the Barn

Call or email... or even facebook me and I can reserve your spot

the first workshop is March 05
630 - 8 pm
the second is on a Saturday morning
March 22
9 am - 1030 am

we supply the materials and paint

$65 per person

bring your friends 
in the future the workshops will be offered on Sunday afternoons.

See you soon.
Get your paint on !
If you are like Linda and I you will be painting everything in sight. 


Brenda said...

Oh! That looks like fun, and I love the props too!

White Lace and Promises said...

Will be so glad when Spring truly is here so that I can paint again. I haven't painted anything this winter and have several pieces to do. Gotta get the paint too.

Unknown said...

This has been the first winter that I have been able to continue painting furniture all winter long because of the MMS paint. Very little odor plus no harmful fumes equals painting indoors during a Minnesota winter! Love it. Am looking forward to teaching the workshops with you Lori!

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