Inspirational Books

We are having a Sale.

Everyone around here is going to the lake for July 4th Holiday

Bring a BOOK.
Relax and be inspired.

We have plenty for everyone.

See you soon.

The July issue of Jeanne d'Arc living has just arrived!

Sorry my online copies are already sold out.
I have a limited number at the shop for my regular customers.

I may have to start ordering another box....let me know if you are interested...

~ Lori

207 - art

Yesterday was so hot.
I could hardly function getting out of the Barn last evening....HOT.  It stayed cool within the Barn all day but by 3 pm it was starting to cook.... by 5 pm .... look out, I needed to leave.

You know what happens next.... you have to walk out into the hot parking lot, and get into a very HOT car.... my drive home isn't really long enough for the air to cool entirely.... so the first thing I did when I walked into the house was take the jewels OFF.

I could not get them off fast enough.
I didn't even go upstairs to put them away.... just layed them on the counter in the kitchen.

Funny thing though.... later when I walked by, I noticed I liked the way I layed them out.... a little display of ART.  I instantly grabbed my camera so I could share with you.

Maybe it's the eye of the beholder but I got off on these pictures.... Love.

I hope you enjoyed.


Miller House - 4

He was at one time new, now with age and weather he is perfect.

don't you agree?

more shots of the front patio

I love my bistro style fence

It is finally starting to weather after 5 years...
...soon it will have a fine patina...

I'm sure the birds hate sharing with the pineapple....

come agian....


Miller House - 3


It is a great weekend here in Minnesota.
...well, maybe a tad bit of humidity
I guess if you stop in the sun, it is a bit warm...

but no complaining from me...I love the sun.

more of the out front gardens...

did you ever wonder what to do with that funky old pop bottle box...

my girls from the U. P. (Michigan)
came for a visit yesterday
we ... they - shopped the Barn and then we came back to my place and pizza in back by the pool.
they explored all the gardens and the house...
Too Fun.

Enough of that... off to work I go

~ Lori

Miller House - 2

Hot and sticky....
Summer is here and I love it!

Only a week and a half left for June.
Can you believe how fast it is going.

Grad parties
the Lake
the Pool

....and we can't forget The Barn...
I had to throw that in.

I'm off to play

~ Lori

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...