daisy days

You have got to LOVE the Daisy.

How can you not love the daisy.
Especially, the white daisy....with the cute green center...

and the birch!!!

this new summer vignette I put together is now my new favorite... at least for this week.

I love my birdbath table.
He is actually sort-of pink and chippy...
love him!

the extra touches....

Bring up your three tiered plant stand and make your buffet table stand out above the crowd... we have loads of fun - intuitive - super - creative ways to help spice up your Graduation party....

the trike

he lasted about 4 hours at the Barn....

going. going. gone.

June 1st
Oh Boy.
Lots to do.

Remember.... enjoy the sun AND plant some Daisy's

~ Lori

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Brenda said...

Ha! I love the rusty trike; it's just the kind of funky item that I like :) I bet you hated to see it go so quickly; it was a nice addition to the display.

Layer it on. Change it up.

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