the wedding gift

We are leaving soon for my nephews wedding on the east coast.

(Actually, we have gone and are coming back today.  Mr. Miller reminded me that we can not advertise on the blog that we will be out of town.... and of course, he is right, so I delayed posting until we returned)

We are going to, are in Virginia Beach to be exact.

A June 09 wedding in Virginia excited am I !!!
I can't wait to see family and have some down time.

Relax time. Food time. Drink time. Family time.
Plus I found this kick-ass outfit at Anthropologie....
Anyway, enough of that...

For the special day, I wanted to put together a special gift and thought I would share.

I started with my favorite "wedding gift - cookbook"

just the cover is enough to make you swoon

it is filled with fun together time recipes

I had to prepare the box.
After all, the presentation of the box is almost as important as the innards.

I thought these cloth napkins with the vintage silverware would be a good addition for the cookbook. 

They might get messy with all the gooey good food they will be whipping up.

I few extra "Lori Miller touches"

the buttons are wrapped in linen and stamped
"all you need is love"

a set of measuring cups for the happy couple who cooks together....

Add all of that to the box

fold over the first few layers of tissue and then add this fabulous towel I found at Anthro

too cute!

What bride will not love this towel!

find a perfect card....

the innards... ready for inspection by the newlyweds.

Now... the outside of the box ....

She will be taking his last name Heyer, hence the large H I will attach.  I also found a wooden hang tag with the number 9.... they were wed on June 09.... It's coming together....

I flipped the tag and stamped a little something personal....

White wrapping paper.
Topped with :
Shredded white and shredded blue paper.
Blue cloth ribbon.
Large metal H.
09 tag.

I think it is ready to go....
now who gets to carry this on the plane.... hummmm

(OK so we are in flight, now, on the way home.... no time for intruders....besides my big bad Bella is home today protecting the fort AND she has big TEETH. So don't go to my house.)

Happy day to all of you having a Summer Wedding.

~ Lori


countrycharisma said...

Lori, that was a great wedding package, very creative and thoughtful. Love your big letter for the newlyweds too. I also post blog with the (out of town thing). Think that is a good idea.

Unknown said...

Fantastic gift box filled with wonderful items, so thoughtfully put together.
Thanks for sharing.

Layer it on. Change it up.

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