Dine in

I Love everything and anything to do with pottery...it's not just for flowers anymore. It is great on a buffet for silver and napkins, in a bathroom for wash cloths and TP, on the bar for a wine chiller...I could go on and on. At the store a have a couple of very talented stylists, besides myself of course :0) and the rule is... pots in every vignette...Love the rule.

Love my store...

this is my cottage room...whites and blues and my newest love Gray...the little blue window sold as I was taking this picture.

my bags are back....I designed these last summer...love the polka dots

go green

they fold up and snap and fit right in your purse...they make great door prizes...hint, hint. See you at the Open House.

White out...make a clean start

Good morning. If you haven't figured out my motivation for my frequent posts and my enticing pictures, well let me tell you... it is purely selfishness. I am trying to inspire and motivate you to come in and see me. My motivation is to convince you that you need to surround yourself with this beautiful environment that we have created here at the Barn. When I enter the store, I have an overwhelming feeling of joy and comfort. Which is what we all strive for in the long run, to fill our space and surround ourselves with incredible beauty and comfort...
a space that makes us feel good.

Some of my new white pottery just came in...

new mixed grasses with root ball...love

love the white and grey

lots of changes...getting ready for the Spring open house

Mark your calendar. Spring Open House
Saturday, March 07
10am - 5 pm
Come early stay late. Special items on Sale. Door Prizes. Inspiration.


Inspiration Darling.... image is everything...

I had originally decided to do a total makeover of the stores bathroom before I even purchased the business. Then last winter, before Christmas, I had a plan and was finally ready to go, Ha!...3 months later....well, in the grand scheme of things, I guess 3 more months wasn't too bad.

When I first purchased the store, the bath was head-to-toe light blue, flat paint. An old Menard's cheap mirror, and a piece of white fencing that was leaning into the cut-out wall that was used to store the extra fans that we drag out in the summer. Not pretty. I vowed to take care of this mess and soon. Those of you who have started their own business - are laughing right now - because there are way to many other things to tend to first. I did get time one morning and touched up two walls... that is how the room sat for another year...yikes! Then last November I was inspired...it came to me... all I needed was time to get creative... here are some pictures of what I came up with. Keep in mind the room is really small so it was hard to get good pics.

Before: my first touch up = flower with green polka dots all over the wall(the first summer I owned the place) remember I was busy and preoccupied.

and brown and tan and white polka dots... but notice the light blue background color

After: as of Monday
first things first, take down the old mirror, wash the walls and ceiling and then paint. I wanted the walls to look old and discolored.

next, paint the light fixtures to match the new metal mirror and hang a linen curtain for drama...

a piece of burlap to hold back one side of the curtain...then start ripping wallpaper.

again, ripped up wallpaper...Paris advertisements

a little man-made water stain... or what I thought looked like a water stain?? Going for the aged look

add a Paris beauty on my other door...

...and then for my original inspiration... the Paris street scenes

Behind the long part of the curtain is the cut out that is storage for the few unsightly fans that we use in the summer. It was hideous before... now it is made to look like the shower is hidden behind the curtain.

too fun

does it give the used and abused look ?

These pictures are where the thoughts began and the whole room was envisioned in my mind. The original pictures are vintage water color Paris street scenes. I found the whole portfolio at an occasional sale out in Buffalo. I wanted to preserve the originals so I copied them in black and white and wha-la.

Some finishing touches...this cabinet was in bad shape...nothing that a little paint and extra antiquing gel wouldn't help. The silver pieces and soap are for sale...if you don't mind them being displayed in the loo.

The piece of wallpaper with the vintage chairs are one of my favorite finds...too fun. Again, the room is small so it was hard to get pictures. You are just going to have to stop in if you want to experience the new Pottin' Co. restroom... aller aux toilette.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...