Just waitin' on the weather...

Here we are, another week has gone by and it is still cold, it's not just cold, we had 4 inches of snow last night. Ugg. Just waitin' on the weather. Like my little gnome friends....sit and wait....although a guess I don't just sit, I do tend to stay busy. I could give you the list of what I accomplihed this week, but I'll spare you the details....you'll have to catch my next couple of posts and use your imagination. Can't wait to show you my bathroom that I created...not to brag, but I LOVE it...I have everything done except the floor, which I will finish tomorrow.

For now just some new product....

Love these fresh little pots. The color, the bulb, the pot....everything. They are from a European company who has decided not to do any Transatlantic shipping anymore. I guess I am glad I got one more shipment in.

grasses with root ball and galvanized metal boxes....sweet.

new scale just came in...and it weighs a ton...(get it)

love all the garden things that keep coming in

this is the entrance.....the first vignette that greets you when you walk in the front door.

local artist, Sue Wolfe, small canvas shown

new for spring...also Sue Wolfe design

larger canvas

small metal spring fleur....love her stuff

thanks for stopping.... L


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

So, Lori, do you ever sleep? My, my, my...your creativity and energy seem positively boundless! Thanks for always sharing - I know your post will always bring a smile or an "Ooo" or an "I love that!".

lori miller vintage design co said...

Your so darn sweet! You don't know the half of it tho. because I also have another full time job...yep, in my spare time I run the store and do my blog posts and then there is the family of course.
It's Crazy how fast the days whip by....Lori

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