Bloom... or not to bloom.

Hi, good morning, It's me again. I have been playing around with bulbs for the past couple of weeks... for the store. Always for the store. My baby. Today, however, I took a good look around the house and decided I needed to keep some of these beautiful blooms
for my own self.

I have what you might call Bulb infatuation.... I love the sprout, the bulb and especially the roots....Love the roots.

any old dish ..... or door plate will do

.... now, to add my precious little darlings

sometimes plain ole' architecture is all you need

silver (tarnished of course), pearls and greens .....

this little guy is the sweetest thing ..... he is actually a little bud vase.... I stuffed a twig inside and left it at that.... but think of the possibilities for him..... he'll steal the show every time.

The change of seasons is why we live here. It allows a whole new out look on life and gives us a new reason to change the decor. It puts a smile on my face and lights my heart every time I do a new vignette...... I guess it is who I am and what I do.

Thanks for being my guest and putting up with my ramblings..... L


Cabin 19 Supply Company said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog/shop! I love your blog and photos. Bookmarking you so I can visit again and again. That little trophy cup is so adorable,I love those! Sorry to have to tell you my dress form are not for sale, I use them for display of vintage aprons, coats, jewelry, etc. Sorry!! See you soon!

delighted heart said...

Hi Lori...well my new magazine is well drooled on by now! What amazing photos! Your spring photos are great too! Love the blooming bulbs! Is your trophy a baseball trophy by any chance? I'm looking for vintage baseball trophys to use in a wedding in Dec. Let me know if you come across any...or have any that I could rent! The ones I've seen on ebay have been really pricey. Have a great week!
Bless Ya!

time worn interiors said...

What a great shop! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can feel a Monday Morning Favorite Feature coming your way soon!

Eve said...

I really love your blog. I am with you on bulbs. I lvoe the roots and the blades and the flower is just the icing on the cake.

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