a toast to 2016

I love to fill my BAR top with festive decor for the Holidays.

Everything sparkly
... everything Vintage.

As you can see the cabinet itself is not very big.
Inside it has a lovely lazy Susan style bottle holder that spins. Very helpful to select your desired concoction for the evening. Since we don't have that many desired concoctions, I also use the space to store extra drinking glasses and special candles.

The top hat....

my collection of cut-outs are SO CUTE !
They highlight the area... don't you think.

... in case you didn't realize what this space is...

the little red reindeer was from my house when I was a little girl... the black guy I found out junking one day !! Happy to me !

I hope you too are lovin' some New Year Cheer.

What is store for 2016... at this point I am not even sure myself.
I do know I will wrap up my kitchen project, start and finish my stairway project, and then move on to a dozen more.... I can't wait to get started. First, a few days with friends in a cozy little cabin. - I might have to grab those large martini glasses for the trip!!!


Lori ~ RBPCo. 

Merry Christmas

A little more sparkly Cheer.  

Everything about this Vignette is lovely. The small tree, the simple ornaments and hanging baby shoes And the drippy white candles !! So sweet.


Good Tidings to All!

oh Christmas tree

This little tree has adorned many different rooms in my house over the years.
I have tiny little balls...one year they were red and green, and one year gold and white.  This year, I threw on some sparkle wire and old hardware. 

... the more chippy paint and rust the better.

The clock was from my Dad's stash.
Yes, my dad was a collector also.  He loved the junking ...back then it was called "antiquing." I remember mom and dad would go out antiquing and come home with boxes of mystery. Most things dirty...you could almost see the puffs of dust when the boxes were opened. Sometimes smelly... well - most times smelly.  Things haven't changed much !
I do try to avoid the smelly items these days. Now that I don't have the Barn, my treasures come directly home with me. I do not want ANY smelly things in my house. 

My focus these days are on the holidays.
Christmas is coming way too fast.

I don't want to think about the new year...not yet...this years adventure must come to a close first.
If I don't get a chance to blog again before the 25th....

Merry Christmas !!

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...