a pop of color

As I mentioned in my last post, I found some great color at Market.
This royal blue, chartreuse and white are my favorite mixes this week.

I don't know what it is about chartreuse.
It makes everything come alive. 

This weekend we finally had our first 60 degree day.
It was so fun to see people out and smiling. Taking their time walking in
.... and NO Coats !!

More action with the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.

These three didn't come as a set, who would know....
It is now a fun little sit and play area.
The table has the alphabet neatly printed on it's top.

We have a week of rain and snow coming...
what a better time to start that indoor project !!

this weekend we did our first MMS paint SALE !!
All Paint and Finishing products 10 % off
I think we will extend one more day and finish off the Month.

We also have a few more spots to fill for the next paint class!
April 27 th
Sunday afternoon
12:30 - 2 pm
We provide everything including the courage to tackle your own project!!

Everyone is doing it !

If you are not that person, you do not paint.
You like the look, but want it finished.

Then fear not. 
We have tons of fabulous pieces of furniture at the Barn and ready to go to the Junk Bonanza.  Our Booth will be rocking with vintage furniture ready to settle in at your house.

So come see us in Andover - open daily,
or for three days at Junk Bonanza.

See you soon
Lori - RBPCo.

market finds

Another lovely spring day --- NOT !
I know you can't tell by my pictures, but it is still frozen- land up here.
It is such a drag to open the front door and be assaulted by a blast of freezing cold air.
enough, is enough, is enough....

When I went to the winter markets I was drawn to color.
color, color, color.

A long winter can do that to a person.
When I spotted These fun dishcloths, they were a must have!
You will notice them, in all kinds of bright colors, popping up in many upcoming posts.
yellows, oranges, greens, blues !!

Who couldn't resist a basket of pansies !!
I had to have them

Tulips of all colors
they look and feel real

for now ... that's what we get

I also found buckets, cans and bags of flowers !!!!

this too...
Gray Burlap ribbon in two sizes.
This chair - painted with Miss Mustard Seed's "typewriter" with a little "ironstone" stenciled on

this gray burlap is going to be fun to decorate with
... for all of you who don't do a lot of color....
you are going to love it !!

need a fun little insulated bag - with owls !!!

We are getting ready for the spring Junk Bonanza !!
I have a plan, Finally, for my booth...
Stay tuned.
Also, the next issue of Jeanne d'Arc is on the way.
It is the Easter issue that they do so well !!

times up ... I have to run.

thanks for stopping.

Love of chickens

Chickens are never out of style.
At the Barn, we love the chickens / roosters.

If you read the hot - trendy magazines, you see words like Farmhouse style, Country chic, prairie style, vintage country. All of these must - haves for the season...include chickens. Or at least, in my mind, include chickens. 

not all of our vintage chicks are in 100% perfect condition, but we love them anyway.

even the newbies fit right in

Cheryl laughed and said, " a cock in a colander "

we also have white hens with the crazy hair ....
(not shown)

Don't forget we have a painting class this Sunday
the next class will not be offered for another month
call today !!

thanks for stopping and for all your kind words...
the emails and messages on facebook are always the high light of my day

The 4th issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living is on the way.
It is one of the more popular issues - Easter and Spring !
Call to reserve your issue or check the online shop.
Available while supplies last.

Lori - RBPCo.

a load of geese

They say, Spring is right around the corner.
I hear, Spring is just a few days away....

It can not come soon enough.
As I sit in my long underwear, 3 shirts, sweatshirt, scarf, fingerless gloves and slippers.... inside...
 AND my nose is freezing !! 
But they say Spring is coming.

All I can do is go to the Barn and get my Happy on.

Here is some Happy for you too...

This shot below is a random picture that made me smile...
I don't want to confuse you into thinking a car load of geese have arrived at the Barn.

I actually wish I was driving !!!

Drive safe - ice and snow all day.
We will be open !!

Lori - RBPCo 

Paint something green

Happy St Patrick's Day

Oh yes. We must paint something Green today.

I am thinking Lucketts green but maybe Boxwood...
or I could mix the two...
that is the fun thing about MMS paint you can mix powders !!!
make your own color.

Even the bag is green

more Lucketts...
love the inside of this drawer.

I was going to go the Barn today and paint anyway...
This morning on the home front..
My furnace isn't working at home. Ugh. At least the oven works !!!
But the oven doesn't heat the toilet seat !
Like an outhouse in here.

Anyway, now I am grounded until they show up to fix the furnace.
The window they gave is 8 am - 4 pm !!!
Whatever ! How terrible !

Too bad I don't have my painting supplies at home.
I will have to work out and clean until they come...

here is some boxwood

Too fun

I have two cabinets at the Barn.
Can you say refreshment !!!

Can't wait... come on furnace guy !!

even though the wax isn't green, it is necessary !

It does have the token MMS green on the lable ... wink .

Yep, I am going to paint something green today.

As soon as the furnace guy comes...

If you need to stock up on your supplies, I have a new shipment arriving coming.

Lori - RBPCo.

Happy Yellow

Doesn't yellow make you smile.

It makes me Happy.
Maybe because I am a Leo. 

Leo's Love Sunshine and happy smiling faces. 
Leo's also think all happy smiling faces are directed at them, or in some fashion, have become this way because of their presence. Leo's are funny that way.  Bottom line ....
smile around a Leo and you have made their day.

Doesn't yellow make you smile.

I went around and around the Barn yesterday and spotted many troubled areas.
My mom said, maybe it's time to quit painting and start decorating.

... of course she is right...
it won't get done by itself...
... but there is one more cabinet I was thinking about...
... and there is market this weekend...
... and I have to work at the hospital.... 
...and the house is a mess...
... and it is my son's birthday...
...dinner needs to be planned...

Doesn't yellow make you smile.

maybe the cabinet ... should I paint it yellow...

I love yellow. It makes me Happy.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...