It's always fun to decorate the BAR.

Even with this small Vintage Bar cabinet, it looks sassy all dressed up.
Makes you want to enjoy the Season a little more.

My sassy Vintage reindeer - with the tongues sticking out !!
Too Cute.
It has been a hard month here at the Miller house due to illness.
This influenza is going round and round.
We have rescheduled many get-togethers. 
Not just my immediate family, but my brother's and sister's and niece's families - everyone young and old.. Ugh. It is terrible to be sick this time of year.
There is just too much to do.

I'm sure it is not just us....
The whole community... many communities !!
But we trudge on... trying to celebrate Christmas.
Trying not to re - infect everyone.
Thankfully, I did get my shopping done and the wrapping.

This tree is done up in all Danish - Maileg ornaments and Pixies.
Soft and fun for the new Grand-baby

.... the little mice have magnet hands and hold on to each other...

As for the wrapping this year, I bought chalk board paper that you decorate yourself with plain ole' chalk.

As you can see.... I had fun with each individual package.

As you can see.... I love my little creatures.

I hope everyone has a Healthy and Happy get together with friends and family.

Merry Christmas.

The Barn is closed Christmas day.
Friday starts our 50% off After Christmas sale !!!  

the Blues have it

At home I decorate, in my kitchen, with a touch of blue.
I actually have mainly white accents, but I love a touch of blue.
A small stack of blue dishes.
A cluster of blue float glasses...
I guess it is a certain color of blue that I am drawn too.
that creamy-milky light blue...
as you can see.

At Christmas, I try to mix in some red splashes...
a hint through out the tree and table top.
... but mainly, blues and whites. 

(for those that follow the blog closely, yes... you have seen these pictures before... Christmas 2012 in fact !! I am replaying a bit and I hope you don't mind. You see, I have been hit by a flu bug and I am moving in reverse speed. Getting nothing done at all on the home front. So depressing ! But... as I say every night when I go to bed..." it will be better tomorrow " .... and it will. So stay tuned, I will get you fresh photos and I will get my house decorated before the holidays are over !! )

We are featuring these glass balls at the Barn a couple of days this week. BOGO.  
I love the blue shades, and I know we have a few left in stock.
On this tree, I mix them with my imports from Denmark and my sassy owls !!

The pixies are a must have.
I love these two. 
They are only a small portion of my ever-growing collection of Christmas Pixies. 

Merry & Happy

Merry & Bright

I love the look of the large glass balls that we sell at the barn.
They come in all colors and look fabulous alone or mixed with a ton of other specialty ornaments.

Every year there is one color that is the hot - popular color. One year it was red... one year white - white.... one year celery green and coco - brown... It is my job, I guess to figure out which color is going to be hot and buy appropriately.

here I have gunmetal grey mixed with white... fabulous with silver glitter picks mixed with the green of the tree.

We are doing a random sale this week on certain items.
Starting today these glass balls... 3 sizes
...as they last 
are BOGO
Buy one get one 50 % off

Oh Happy day !!

Lori ~ RBPCo.


I think believe is just about the best word there is around the Holidays.

This Vignette is so cute. The photo does not do it credit. It is girly, and peppy, and so much fun.

Lots of fun stocking stuffers and fun tins for your homemade treats. I, for one, love to get cookies and candies at Christmas.

The sassy girl and her friend the owl come on ornaments, hand towels, pillows and aprons.

This little phone is absolutely my favorite!!

The Sale continues. 3 days only. 1 day left.

more crowns and chandeliers

Who doesn't love a chandelier.        

I think this area with the birch and the sparklies is a fabulous juxtaposition. Nature and the princess.

mix in the chandelier disc ornaments, some birds with crowns, some angels and you have it going on !!!

We are starting our first sale of the Christmas season this weekend. We are having a special Vintage Christmas market. Friday - Sunday.... All Christmas is 20 % off...  While supplies last - some artisan items exempt. If you have had your eye on something special, now is the time to come stock up.   

Birds of a feather

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
We had a house filled with guests and FOOD and little ones.
What a joy it is to have the littles.
I can't wait for Christmas... and babies !!
... but now it is time to decorate !

more of the moss topiary and natural elements mixed with the vintage finds ....

Place a small tree in a vintage baby buggy...
use your alphabet flash cards to spell out your favorite word of the season...

these playful deer would look fabulous on the entryway table to greet your guests.

the "fox bank"
love. love. love.

the playful pixies are frolicking ...
(2 styles left in stock)

this flocked tree is one of our favorites at the Barn.

the bird house has a silverware roof. 

I love this tree!!

More to come.
Stay tuned.

Fa-la-la-la-LAAAA La-la-la-la.

Lori ~ RBPCo.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...