the Blues have it

At home I decorate, in my kitchen, with a touch of blue.
I actually have mainly white accents, but I love a touch of blue.
A small stack of blue dishes.
A cluster of blue float glasses...
I guess it is a certain color of blue that I am drawn too.
that creamy-milky light blue...
as you can see.

At Christmas, I try to mix in some red splashes...
a hint through out the tree and table top.
... but mainly, blues and whites. 

(for those that follow the blog closely, yes... you have seen these pictures before... Christmas 2012 in fact !! I am replaying a bit and I hope you don't mind. You see, I have been hit by a flu bug and I am moving in reverse speed. Getting nothing done at all on the home front. So depressing ! But... as I say every night when I go to bed..." it will be better tomorrow " .... and it will. So stay tuned, I will get you fresh photos and I will get my house decorated before the holidays are over !! )

We are featuring these glass balls at the Barn a couple of days this week. BOGO.  
I love the blue shades, and I know we have a few left in stock.
On this tree, I mix them with my imports from Denmark and my sassy owls !!

The pixies are a must have.
I love these two. 
They are only a small portion of my ever-growing collection of Christmas Pixies. 

Merry & Happy

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