It's always fun to decorate the BAR.

Even with this small Vintage Bar cabinet, it looks sassy all dressed up.
Makes you want to enjoy the Season a little more.

My sassy Vintage reindeer - with the tongues sticking out !!
Too Cute.
It has been a hard month here at the Miller house due to illness.
This influenza is going round and round.
We have rescheduled many get-togethers. 
Not just my immediate family, but my brother's and sister's and niece's families - everyone young and old.. Ugh. It is terrible to be sick this time of year.
There is just too much to do.

I'm sure it is not just us....
The whole community... many communities !!
But we trudge on... trying to celebrate Christmas.
Trying not to re - infect everyone.
Thankfully, I did get my shopping done and the wrapping.

This tree is done up in all Danish - Maileg ornaments and Pixies.
Soft and fun for the new Grand-baby

.... the little mice have magnet hands and hold on to each other...

As for the wrapping this year, I bought chalk board paper that you decorate yourself with plain ole' chalk.

As you can see.... I had fun with each individual package.

As you can see.... I love my little creatures.

I hope everyone has a Healthy and Happy get together with friends and family.

Merry Christmas.

The Barn is closed Christmas day.
Friday starts our 50% off After Christmas sale !!!  


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

All so creatively lovely!
Hope you are feeling better!

lori miller vintage design co said...

Thanks Kari. Always fun to hear from you. I am slowly but surely getting better. Lori

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