Pottin' Company

I love terracotta pots.

Even if they just sit or lay on their side, I love them.

New vignette.
The table-tops and product don't last long here at the Pottin' Company

Which is a good thing because I get bored FAST with the same look.
I love this look...soft roses, textiles and glass, mixed with straw, bricks and the deconstructed raw materials.

my metal cage light ....now propped on an open picture frame, was kind of an accident.... it was hanging from the ceiling and he just kind of slid on down to the table, so I plopped him right on in. Looks like I planned the whole thing.... not.

a perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life...

a customer asked if she could order these for her late summer wedding....how fun!
 they are SO beautiful.

I love holiday weekends because we get so many out of town guests. I love when you stop and share that you are a blog follower and that you came to see the shop because you are in Minnesota visiting.

We had guests from Utah, So. Dakota, Texas and from all over different parts of Minnesota...
Super Fun!

my jar was full...going, going GONE!

Enjoy your short week.... June is coming.

My mom's Birthday is on Wednesday, May 30th
"Hi mom, Happy Birthday"


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