little red wagon

My little RED wagon needs a home.

It is Memorial weekend and guess is supposed to rain.
It is kind of a given in these parts... Memorial weekend holiday = Rain.

I am making big plans with or without the rain.
And I will also be spending time at the Barn.
We just received another 3 shipments of goods that I ordered when I was in Atlanta... what can it be... I have forgotten all about this product... We will find out together and it will hit the sales floor by the end of today!

For now.... a little eye candy

and with the rain coming we need some inspirational reading material.

If you have not seen Paris in Color you are missing out.

And flea market chic.... so fun!

Sorry... chair is gone

I have a wedding coming up in Virginia Beach for my nephew and his his soon-to-be Bride.  Which means finding something to wear, getting my hair done AND of course the gift.

I have something in mind... I'll show you next time.

Enjoy your holiday.

Come see me at the Barn.
We will have regular hours on Saturday and Sunday and short hours on Monday...
a girl needs a little R & R

~ L


Safetymom said...

how much is your cute lil red wagon?

lori miller vintage design co said...

the lil red guy has recently been marked down to $188

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