I'm jumping right to summer...

Hello. Happy Wednesday !!
I am jumping right into summer !

Our March was like January and now our May is like March...
Cold and rain.... ugh (48 degrees today)
BUT I am changing my attitude. THIS will pass. The SUN will shine.

Jumping into summer with a margarita. Doesn't it sound so good.
We are selling this fabulous mix that has a hint of jalapeno pepper.
It is fabulous....
Bring on the sun.

the bloody mary mix is also super good.

It's always fun to get some new product in at the Barn.

You should see this table now... (pictures were takin a few weeks ago)
...we are down to bare bones. I need to reorder this stuff soon... even the cute child's chair is sold.

come in and stock up for the long weekend - before everything is gone.

Hope to see you soon.

Lori - RBPCo.

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