more goods

The pottin' company scores....
I am in love with these metal chippy pots.
Three more shipments came in yesterday.
I will try and get some pictures going today when I get in.
New scarves (very Anthropologie)
Fun new dishes and teapots (cute bees for spring)
Lots of great one-of-a-kind Valentine items (from my local artists)
And a load of vintage goods from Belgium, Germany and France.

aren't these fun

do I have to say more....

another funky new clock

this that way
metal arrows with fun little magnets - Sue Wolfe design

Look at these!!! Metal candle drip trays.
3 sizes...all rusty and crusty...just how we like

you can use them as coasters or lifts

...or as meant to accent on top of your funky candle holders.
I have already had to reorder these puppies

Many are asking about shipping...
I mainly ship my magazines from Denmark.
I have in the past shipped smalls....
If you are willing to pay for all shipping costs AND I can scrounge up a box,
I will try to get things shipped. I am just a small time boutique and this shipping is kind of new to me so you will have to have patience.


Vintage Market Place said...

so not fair that you are so far away,
everything just looks amazing. I would love to just browse for hours. Your blog fills a void for losing great decorating magazines, I just love seeing all the product and displays. Wonderful, simply wonderful

Vintage Market Place said...

Thanks so much Lori that really means a lot. I would love to swap sometime. I would love to stop by the shop when I come out to IL to visit my family, maybe take the trip up for a family shopping spree.
this is my email if you ever want to contact me,

DustyLu said...

great stuff! i will be back often..lulu

time worn interiors said...

Love, love, love your shop!

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...