Whitest White

Even though it is cold outside, the days are getting longer....well, you know what I mean...
it is staying light longer.
Maybe that is why I crave white so much in the
winter months, because it is so dark and cold outside.
White is so bright and clean it warms up the room.


precious little tea pot

I got this post out in the nick of time as I am flying out now to Atlanta.
I actually do have two additional posts ready to publish while I am away (I know crazy woman)
....time to go ...ttfn L


Vintage Rose Studio said...

Hi Lori, love your white post - I too love white and old crockery and utensils!!!!

vignette design said...

Just found your blog. Lovely white porcelain. Love it with burlap and boxwood! --Delores

Rostrose said...

Kathleen from Faded Charm linked to your blog - and she is right, your whites are really wonderful! Warm winter-hugs from snow-white Austria, Traude

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I am new to your blog and I just love it. Your whites are beautiful. I so glad I found you, I will be back. Blessings, Martha

Faded Charm said...

Great whites! I'm always drawn to all your photos and displays. Hope you have a nice trip.


Anonymous said...

Love-love-love your blog. Your energy comes through loud and clear. I get very excited when I see the e-mail from the Round Barn! Thanks Lori-

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