August !!

August is my all time favorite month.
My husband would say it's because it's my birthday month...which it is ... the whole month.  -ha ha.
But that's not why it's my favorite.

I love August because by now all the summer chores are done, fall and new projects are right around the corner, but not yet
August is a time to relax, enjoy a slower pace and enjoy time with family and friends. This year is especially nice because we are wrapping things up at the Barn. I am still there almost everyday, but only briefly... to gather the mail and answer the messages. Today, I will run in and put some signs out because we will be open Wednesday and Thursday, but then I am off to enjoy time at the salon and then home to the pool. - nice !

I thought I would share a little bit of my back yard oasis ...

my pool house and potting bench....

herbs !!

everything is planted... weeds are pulled... mulch is down..
time to relax and enjoy

I hope you have a relaxing day and enjoy your start to August.

Come see me at the Barn tomorrow.
We will be open every Wednesday and Thursday as my product lasts.
one week, two weeks ...???

Who knows ... at 75% off it is a dream come true for most.

I have loads of Books, floral, Christmas, Fall, Halloween, pots....some Vintage tables, display pieces, dress forms, windows...Santos, Eiffel towers...Paris goods, ladders, doors, dishes....

See you soon
Lori ~ RBPCo. 

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