Vintage by Nina at the Barn

All things French.
All things Vintage.

Vintage by Nina, truly is filled with inspiration that is designed and photographed with all found items ... all things French... all things old and worn... all things that we love.

page after page

I have one copy at the Barn.
You can page through and drool, BUT you have to order your copy.

They should be arriving soon.
I was taking orders only at the Barn (brick & mortar) but I have decided
to add to the online shop as well....

limited copies ordered
limited copies left in stock

reserve your copy today

I saved the best for last....
look at these last 2 pictures...

and there are so many more in the book.

Vintage by Nina book contains 160 beautifully inspiring pages that inspire the art of restyling salvage of old and pieces with time-worn history in its readers and evokes a livable longing for rooms washed in the whites of age.

Title: Vintage by Nina


Hardcover: 164 pages

Dimensions: 10"x 8.5"

More than 300 colour photographs

I'm so excited!!

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