harvest colors

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Fall harvest colors are so refreshing...so alive.
I love the colors of Fall.

Up in Minnesota the trees are changing color.  Bursts of reds and yellows and oranges ARE everywhere you look.  I even bought my first Fall new shirt...one of many I am sure... but it is a mustardy-chartreuse colored thermal.... I can't wait to wear it!!!! 

I bought it at my favorite local boutique JENSON'S located in Anoka.

check out the shelf in the background.
Made by Vern out of a vintage window.... love.
I'm sure it wont be at the Barn long.

what do you do with a Santos hand....

A local guest brought her friend in to the Barn the other day.  She was visiting from Nevada and had not been to the Barn before.  It was so much fun listening to them walk the sales floor... the excitement and the comments made my heart about burst.  She claimed it was the best shop she had ever been in and when she came back to Minnesota it would be the first stop !!!

Love Her!

With all of her purchases, I have to believe she was driving back to Nevada.

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time worn interiors said...

i wanna get in my car and come visit you right now!


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