Vintage Feedsack Handbags

I love local artisans. Many sell their wares at my Barn and it adds so much character to the surroundings. Just recently these beauty's came to me. Vintage feedsacks made into wonderful handbags by my new friend Tami. She brought in about 10 bags and they are moving quickly.

Here are just a few, but aren't they great? They are super soft. As you can imagine, the cloth has been around awhile.

Too fun. All other handbags, including my new Heidi Comfort, are on Sale for the rest of the month.

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summersundays-jw said...

I received the magazine & it's wonderful -- maybe even worth the $24. My sister & I decided we'd go in as partners on it -- are we cheap or what!!!! I love your feedsack purses but I really love the red stripe one & the fall colored ones that were on a previous blog. I'd love to know prices. One of the other girls in the shop & myself are having a sewing class today to teach her to sew & we're starting with a bag. I'll post tonight & you can ck. ours out. Just thought it would be a fun first project for her. Jan

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