Still Frozen.

Oh boy...when they say it is going to get cold. 
They mean COLD !!

Yesterday morning when I was driving it said - 23 on my dash.

that is not with the wind chill add on, that was the actual outdoor temperature.

Today is the first day of the Atlanta Market.  The one I visit every year, and every year I have horrific tales of misfortune trying to get to the damn Market.  Why is it, that at this time of year, all air traffic is down.  

This year, at the last minute I cancelled my trip.... actually, the first weekend of November I cancelled, which was last minute for me, considering you have to book a year in advance.  Now with the travel nightmare that is affecting everyone, I am glad that I cancelled; however, inside it is killing me that I am not there buying and soaking up the atmosphere.  The enthusiasm that surrounds you when you are at one of these large gatherings is so inspirational.  I highly recommend it to all new business owners.
  The experience is priceless.

You will come home and want to re-vamp your entire shop.  As you are recreating the floor plan and the walls AND the lighting, your new product will start to arrive and fill your shop with energy.  Your customers will react to this new found joy and they will tell their friends and the energy will continue and everyone involved will want to return again and again.  

See it is killing me that I am not going.

BUT just because I am not flying out to Atlanta doesn't mean I don't have a few ideas and changes in mind for the Barn.  All I need now is for the weather to change.  With the extreme cold the old furnaces... actually not old ... just put in last year !! ... can not keep up. We have been open and working with indoor temp's around 60 degrees.  A tad bit uncomfortable for us Barn Girls.  It really is hard to get motivated to create when you are shivering like a chihuahua.  So, when they said it was going to get down to -50's ... oh boy... no good! I decided to close up shop for a few days.  Yesterday (Monday) I stopped in to check on the indoor temperature and make sure the furnaces ... yep, we have 2 ... were still working, and it was 52 degrees inside the Barn. 


With the warming trend coming soon, we will plan on re-opening on Wednesday, Jan 08 at noon.
 Pray for sunshine. 
Come see us and enjoy our 


Christmas / Winter 50 % off
ALL Purses and small handbags 40 - 50 % off
Select scarves 30 % off
All Candles, lotions and smelly's 30 %

3 days only
Wed - Thurs - Friday


Sami Pat said...

I'm sure you made the right decision about flying in this weather. Maybe a stroll through a few blogs will help. It often affects me to 'get a move on'. I wish I could be there for the sale. Best of luck!!

Brenda said...

You made a good call by cancelling, but I know you will miss that shot of inspiration in Atlanta. If I had a shop, I would want it to look just like yours. Stay warm up north; it's not much better here in Iowa.

Layer it on. Change it up.

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