Merriest Christmas...

The parties, the wrapping, the good will and good cheer....

I hope everyone had a wonderful... wonderful Christmas this year.

At my house my entry is small...
You have to enter single file and walk back towards the kitchen.

But that doesn't mean I don't have room for a little entryway
"welcome" zone.

the 1882 signage
 is from Missouri off of a bank that was established back then... I had fun decorating it for the holiday season. If you don't want to hang a traditional wreath... here is an idea.
some greenery
sticks and sparkle
torn linen ribbon
some ornaments or family photos


Below is the stairway leading to the second floor

an assortment of books tucked along the edge adds a fun visual as you come through the front door.

so fun.

Enough of the home front for now....
what about my BARN
what is happening at the Barn...

It was another great year for sales
So, thank all of you who supported your local small business!!
Thank You !
Thank You !

As always, I buy too much at Christmas time because I want to put on a show.... Over the top decor! 
Which After Christmas Sale

50 % off Christmas decor

it will go until it is gone or until I get sick of looking at it.
Believe wont last long!

Tell your friends and come see us !
We are open regular business hours until the New Year Holiday.


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