Spring designs

It's one of those days.
Spring is actually not right around the corner, like it is for some of you.  We have a good two months before buds are blooming and the threat of snow is gone.  Tonight and tomorrow they are saying 8" - 16" of snow.
 Oh Well.

We have had it easy, we have had four days of teasingly warm weather, which makes me dream of Spring.  I was playing on the computer this morning...I tell Mr. Miller that I am Working on my computer...

Creating isn't really work, but productivity is considered work to him, and as I was feeling very productive... a good days work it will be.

I am really into black and white these days so I decided to start with a chalkboard background.

The one shown above and my Farmer's Market are the two I like the best.

What do you think....
-something for the wall
- card design
- a pillow cover

love. love. love.

- LM

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