Oh Boy.... here we go Again. 
April in Minnesota. Just like my cute little Pooh book... hold on tight!!

It is coming down fast and hard and started with hours of freezing rain.


You can just see the corner of the table... a good 7 " and still coming down.

We are lucky a lot of it melted or came down as rain before the freeze...
Ugh... bring on the DIRT

These guys... all real plants, waiting for the outdoors and some sunshine.  At least when you walk in the front door at the BARN this is what greets you.  
Internal sunshine.  You can't help but smile when you come in the door.

even Mr. Moss Bunny is ready for spring.... he is waving his flag.

these are some fun little mason jars...
available pink, yellow and white

Getting ready to pack up and head to Junk Bonanza

I will load the truck on Tuesday
unload the truck on Wednesday...
6 hours to set up the booth

and then Thursday - Friday - Saturday to sell. sell. sell.

remember... if you can't make it to JB the Barn will be open daily during the event so you can swing in and see Cheryl, Darlene, Ashley and Marilee.  
AKA the Barn Girls

think Green !!!

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