One man's junk...

One man's junk, as they say, is another women's treasure. Oh the goods I have found.
Mix it up with a dash of this and a pinch of that and we are set up for the perfect vignette.
As you can see I am into vintage books. The trashier the better... torn and tattered that is.

The basket is new. A reproduction from a great company I found a few years ago that makes architectural and garden reproductions.

Big transitions at the Barn. As I finish up the summer season and get ready to move into fall you will start to notice big changes with great new finds.


ashley said...

I love the vintage books, beautiful! They are the best, where do you find them? Where does your inspiration for each display come from? :)

Rebecca said...

Your shop looks lovely...I will have to come up sometime.
I am from MN and have family there but have been living in the Chicago area for the past 19 years. I have a shop also.
Have a great week

lori miller vintage design co said...

Don't you just LOVE the vintage books! I am always on the look out, and if they are not tattered enough for me, they go into the make-over pile and come out looking really abused. Love. As for my inspiration for displays, most of the time I wake up in the morning and I know what needs to get done for the day...crazy, I know.

lori miller vintage design co said...

Thank you Rebecca. Please stop in when you are back this way, I would love to chat. L

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