all things french

Why are we attracted to this look...

This fabulous French - Nordic Decor

the Santos... the Mannequin ...
the gilded wing ...


I'm just settling in from my latest travel adventure.

A week in Charleston. In May. Pure heaven to say the least.

I visited a ton of shops and a ton of Antique venues... unfortunately,  many were closed... either because it was mid week or they had just went out of business.  The ones we did get a chance to venture in didn't hold a candle to my Barn.  Not to toot my own horn... BUT... my standards are high !!! 

I wanted it to peek my interest, I wanted to be able to envision and dream of it coming home with me... I wanted to walk in and go ...Aaah, I love it.
Not until I got home and walked into the Barn did I get that.

As they say in these parts... we are lucky to have a place like the Round Barn Potting Co.
Pure heaven.
I hope you can make it in some day.

We are starting our summer hours soon.
After memorial weekend...
Shorter hours Sunday - closed Monday's 
... and we are looking at closing Tuesday's ...that is still under discussion. 

Stay tuned. It is supposed to be high 70's and sunny all week !!

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Unknown said...

I agree. Very few can hold a candle to the Round Barn. This is why I will drive all the way from Oakdale to pay you a visit!

Layer it on. Change it up.

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