green food at the barn

Oh, Happy Weekend.
The temperature climbed up over 20 degrees and since I have a bit of spring fever...already... I couldn't help myself.... I started digging in the dirt.  I didn't even wear gloves, I just dug right in.!  So much fun.!

Check out all my new green food.... and I swear they grow every night.

love my recycled paper containers

I even bagged some dirt.... just incase you need some

get out and have some fun this weekend

It's not supposed to be cold here until Sunday.... Yipee!
Two small shipments arrived yesterday and I expect another load's coming!

Jeanne d'Arc Living - February is on order



lilybets said...

This blog is very nice, ispirational and lovely!.Your photos are beautiful, I love plants and vintage!.Have a gorgeus week end,see you soon,bye.

Gracie's Cottage said...

I'm craving green...your post hit the spot...beautiful! I'm gonna have to get something going inside cause it's gonna be a long, long time til gardening season...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori - Just stumbled upon your blog while I was "surfing" (oops... supposed to be working!) I love, love the look of your shop. Made me miss my home and garden retail shop in a vintage bank bldg. which I closed a few years back to care for my folks. Wish I could see your shop in person...perhaps, someday. Your blog is so lovely. I'll be back to visit often. P.S. Have you ever been inclined to share the secret of your terrific recycled paper potting containers?

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the recycled pots...can I purchase some from you? You have such an inspiring blog...thank you. sue

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