Fall Gatherings

Oh, the smell of Fall
You have to admit, the Fall season has some wonderful smells goin' on !
Spiced Apple, Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Pecan Pie, Citrus.

I have a hard time just dumping my bag of goodness in a bowl.
I have to mix and enhance my own Fall gatherings....

You can try mixing in some of those wine corks you collect.
I'm not sure why we save them...
those silly corks. But we do.
.. and look how cute they are in the bowl with the potpourri.  I also added some vintage charm... everyone loves numbers and metal.

Find a funky bowl...
love my guy with his sassy feet.

Now you have a simple vintage Fall display that smells like heaven for your family and friends to enjoy.


Yesterday I was at the Barn and we sold SO MUCH paint and wax.

I just wanted to remind everyone ....Pass it on...
That we carry Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint at the Barn

It is fabulous.
Everyone that buys this product comes back for more.

Now that you have to start painting indoors because of the weather - you must give it a try. No POV's. No odor really at all because it is all natural.  Even the waxes smell good.

And the Colors !!
18 fabulous colors !

I will be at the Barn today after 12 pm if you have questions.
Stop in or call...763.427.5321

thanks for stopping
Lori ~ RBPCo.

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