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The Harvest ...

I told you we were headed for a nice weekend, and holy smokes, it is heaven.
There is nothing better then sunshine, a nice breeze, no humidity AND smiling, happy people.

Everybody loves the Fall season. 

My 1800's buggy is decked out.
It takes up a lot of space... a full size carriage, but my Barn is HUGE so it works out.

Funky shelf sitters

I have a few Chevron pumpkins left
...Bl & Wh and Orange available
(polka dots too !!)

We wait all year for this fabulous Maple pumpkin butter and Caramel sauce.

Just in ... local made pumpkins !!

Is looking over the guests... available in 3 sizes...
I think we still have 3 sizes left. LOL 
- oops, I guess I should be up on these things.

Fab squirrels ... ready for Fall or the Christmas setting !!

This basket... I took these pictures at the beginning of the week. - that's what usually happens, I walk through... taking pictures with a blog post in mind, but then don't get to the post until the end of the week... or sometimes later. Ugh.

Anyway, I walked the floor yesterday and this basket was pathetic! Almost empty ! Yes, that is a good thing. I immediately searched for backup filler ... because that's what I do, but looking at this photo above, reminds me of what exactly was in it - and how fast things move here.

That bag of dried goods is a sight for the senses, with the bright orange slices and the cinnamon / harvest smells ... It's no wonder it flies out the door.

I mentioned Halloween is coming...
Poor Lola, is being swarmed by spiders and furry rats...

If you are looking for the funky kind of Halloween decor
... I have it !!

I won't be in Saturday... I need to soak up the sun and gather some mums, but I will be in to play and visit on Sunday
 - So come say Hi !

Thanks for stopping.
Lori~ RBPCo.

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