look who's in the pumpkin patch

I love the Fall.

I especially love decorating for the Fall... all the colors AND the smells.
At the Barn we are transforming the entire place - inside and out - for our Fall Open House / Boutique.

It looks good !
It smells SO-o-o GOOD !
 We are expecting our Pumpkin whoopee pie mix along with our pumpkin bread and pumpkin maple butter - It's due to hit the Store today or tomorrow !!!
talk about Yum. 

The Fall decor comes with mixed reviews.
Some come in and complain that we already have the Autumn goods out on display, and then there are  others who have been asking for it since the beginning of August.  All I can say is - we are decked out and ready to inspire. And I must add ... we have already sold a ton of harvest Goods.

The colors and Vintage highlights are Fabulous.
A must see...

So spread the word...
grab a friend or your mom or sister and come in for an adventure...
search for the usual OR the unexpected.
We have it all.

Open Daily.
Sun-Mon 12-5pm / Tue-Thurs 10-6pm / Fri-Sat 10-5pm

Sneak Peek at Halloween ... it's out and gets better everyday .

Lori ~ RBPCo.

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White Lace and Promises said...

Oh so pretty! Thanks for the ideas. i will get busy in my booth. You've given me some inspiration.

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