nothing but fabulous

Who doesn't love  a good wheel.

       Especially one that looks like this. E-gads  !! 
                                                  Blue Heaven is what I say.                                                                                          

This cart I believe was once used to transport luggage. You could set some luggage on the low shelf and stack the rest on the higher metal rack.  Very functional indeed - considering the luggage itself had no wheels back then, and it would fold flat for easy storage ... and BONUS with the styling blue wheels.  When it came to the Barn, I immediately changed her up a bit.  I found a metal tray and added it to the top rack... a wooden cutting board on the bottom rack... a couple fun hand towels were added... you know where I'm going with this ... A Super fun BAR cart !!

I wouldn't think it would hang around long... Stay tuned. Remember what we say at the Barn ..."if you see it - and you love it. YOU better buy it -  it will be gone the next time you come in."

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