Harvest Home

What is it that makes your house your home?

When you walk in do you feel instant comfort... or is it in a constant state of chaos.  I hope it isn't chaos. I hope it is a safety zone with good smells, and good vibes and ... well... comfort. When you are not at home, are you thinking - I can't wait to get home... And when you get home you think - yes, I am finally home.

Home is a good thing.

we are nesting here at the Barn
- gathering things we think you will love for your home
- to provide your space with fun surroundings

- and good smells

- and lots of color

- and who doesn't need some good, inspiring books to curl up with on these cool days.

This weekend our Fall Market was going on.
Good times !!

Come on in and grab a warm cup of coffee and explore the grounds for some comforts for your home.  
 - The maple pumpkin butter just arrived. !

Open daily.

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