Let the good times roll

It's hard to believe it is September.
I, for one, love this time of year.
The colors start to change...everyone starts to nest... to fill their homes with comforts.
The sun warms you - instead of making you sweaty !!
The nights are Cool  ... the days are Warm ... 
We continue to enjoy cold Beer with good friends.
AND then there is FOOTBALL.

Who doesn't love these colors !
Pair these colors with the smells of Fall and you have got something happening.
Oh Boy!!

I found these fun melting squares for all of you who want to burn candles but don't go for the fire and smoke.  These little guys melt and re-melt for days of smelly goodness !!

The owl below is a small electric melting pot !!

metal and wood !!

Are you ready .... Love it !!

hello Fall.
every year there is something that flips my trigger...
this year it is the FOX.

and of course painted furniture..
porcelain and ironstone dishes..
and the farmhouse look all continue to flip the trigger.

straight from the barn !!

Open Daily !!

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