he's blooming...

Look how beautiful he is...

Oh happy spring.
We have had a ton of rain the last couple of days.  The Ark, kind of rain .. no kidding.  But with rain comes growth and GREEN.  It is time to plant sisters and I am smiling ear to ear.

A few years ago I came across a fun bush in the neighborhood, it had whimsical little white flowers and no leaves.... Odd, but the cutest flowers you have ever seen.  I took pictures and investigated and found it to be a Star Magnolia.  A few days after, I noticed all the flowers were gone and new leaf buds were popping up.  Later, it was just a green bush.  Odd little guy.

I knew I had to have one!!
I went on a search and rescue mission... found one... instructed Mr. Miller and the two children... and to my delight he was on my door step for Mother's day.  That was two year's ago.  Last year he got big pussy willow buds but no flowers - maybe he is still too young? He did get lots of leaves and was green and happy all summer, so I waited for this spring. 

 I almost crashed the car when I pulled out of the garage one morning and I saw the cutest white flower fully opened and flapping in the morning breeze.  OMG. OMG. OMG. He's blooming.  I checked him everyday and he did pretty good. Not all of the pussy willow looking buds opened to flowers, but maybe next year.  Now all the flowers are gone and his leaves are opening... what a hoot he is.  You must all get one for yourselves.

My google search found some useful information ...

The star magnolia bush is a delicate flowering magnolia. This tiny magnolia originated in Japan and grows 15 to 20 feet tall, producing a cloud of white blossoms in the springtime. If left unpruned, the star magnolia retains a dense, compact shape; you can train it into a tree with serious pruning. The star magnolia blooms in early spring before leaves are produced and produces seed pods in early summer.

see how whimsical... a delicate white flower on bare wood....

they sort of close up at night, reopen in the morning and last a couple of weeks...

most of his buds did not produce flowers - this year, but if they did he would be covered in fun white blossoms

Oh happy day!


Anonymous said...

Well, my first post was 'eaten'. Blogger has been bad lately.

Suffice it to say that I love your flower/pussy willow. When I was a kid, we'd cut off those willows and force the buds indoors. What were we thinking?????

Hope you are safe after all those nasty storms. I was thinking about you last night.


Karen said...

I loved your story about your "Star Magnolia Bush" I is beautiful. I think I may have to get me one!

Take care,

Val said...

When we built our home 20 yrs. ago, I planted 2. I lost 1 the 2nd year but the larger one grew and grew. It brought so much joy (I laughed out loud when I read about your near-crash!)and broke my heart when it died. After 18 years it had grown to 18 feet tall! I couldn't watch my husband cut it down but when I came home that afternoon, he had made a lovely trellis from it's branches. Enjoy, V

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