We are longing for summer up here in Minnesota.
We have long forgotten about spring.

I am excited to share with you a sneak peek of Matthew Mead's new Summer Magazine
~just out for 2011.  If you didn't get a chance to see the first Holiday issue, printed last Christmas season, you are in for a pleasant surprise. 

It is done so tastefully, so simple, SO Fresh....

The photography is over the top.
His use of color... and non-color is clean and refreshing.
The paper is high quality...too die for supreme.
No advertisements within the copy. None.

Linda uses my favorite colors for summer...
slate blue, my green and white...

.... loads of vintage love

.... and we can't have a summer issue without the Peony!!!

I just wanted to pass the word.
You will love it!
They are not available at news stands, but you can grab your copy online at Matthew's site

as availability lasts, you can grab a copy at the Barn.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

This looks like a "must have"!!

Martha at Authentica said...

Can't wait to see this one! How much are they and can you add it to my monthly purchase of the Jeanne d'Arc Magazine? Do you have any left over from Christmas?

BTW...keep us updated on the theft issue...would love to know if you ever catch the culprit!!!

Happy Wednesday!

Karen said...

I must say that the cover of "Summer" looks enticing as do some of the inside pages you shared. I purchased the Holiday issue and after all the hype was sadly disappointed with the content in relation to the cost. I will probably give it another try. Thanks Lori for the sneak peak.

Hoping you are making some headway in the ugly theft issue. I too would me mad as heck. After all, we get attached to our "junk"

Layer it on. Change it up.

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