Vogue Christmas

Last year I put a small tree in the Vogue Boutique area.
Loved it !
So when I was out buying and planning for this year, I had FUN !!!!

Vogue. Vogue. Vogue.

Pink and gray and Sparkle...and Velvet!!!

and my favorite....look at the mini dress forms
... for the tree !!!
They also stand if you want to use them for display... (7-8" tall)

and lovely ballot slippers

hanging pink chandelier ornaments
large gray gunmetal glass balls 

aren't they adorable... going fast.
also roles of pink sparkle garland... gray too.

wired ribbon
pink velvet and pink satin with french script
Oh, and I almost forgot about the felted trees...2 sizes.
So much fun I can hardly stand it.

this soft feathery looking scarf with jewels is actually a garland for the tree OR your neck... I guess. Year round... It is absolutely fabulous... perfect for the
Barn's Vogue Christmas!!!
Also, perfect to wear when you are at the polls.
I have my sticker!!

satin with a touch of sparkle Believe pillows

With the Premier behind me I can slow down and take a deep breath.
My poor aching feet have still not recovered the miles I put on last week, walking on that cement floor...

We had guests from Iowa, Wisconsin, Oregon and as far away as Alaska !!

Along with all of you local Minnesotans - Thank You all 
so much for coming.
I hope this year is better then the last.

Quiet day today....everyone is out voting...If you like to avoid the crowds... come now after you vote!!!

Join us next weekend for the Twinkle, Sparkle and Shine Event...


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