peace. joy. noel.

Good day !!

I hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Good Cheer.

Can't wait.

...and Good times at the Barn... everyone is ready to start decorating at home.
Yes !

Wilma and her support staff...

Once upon a time Ms. Wilma was for sale... I know, how could I think of such a thing!! 
Not any more.  Now Wilma oversees all at the Barn... and is one of the official Barn Girls !!

I love these trees
feather in white and dusty pink
and large shredded paper tree...

peace. joy. noel.
These will shine up any bar or table...

more shredded paper trees
4 sizes ....
and below ...Wilma's friends...

See the earlier 2 posts for upcoming events and info on the Home Tour

Thanks for stopping.

Happy Thanksgiving

Lori, Ashley, Darlene, Marilee and Cheryl
oh and Wilma.... all official Barn Girls.

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