copper is the new vintage silver

Copper is it!
What do you do when you are given a box full of copper pots.

Banged up... vintage copper from Turkey.

You smile, do a little dance and then create.

.... this is for you Don.

copper is the new vintage silver.... I told you.

I love this stuff.

Everyone told me to hang it from the ceiling... but I knew I could do better then that...

As Always, Thanks for stopping. ~L

I have to find my rain boots and winter scarf... I swear it was so cold inbetween rain storms yesterday that I thought it was going to snow.  Snow!!


summersundays-jw said...

We've had wind that almost knocks you down -- what's going on with this weather???? I love copper & always have. Stay warm! Jan

Gracie's Cottage said...

Warm & wonderful!
The weather IS insane this year; I was about ready to light the fireplace a couple of days ago! btw - why is overly cold in summer but NEVER strangely warm in winter???


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Lori! I absolutely love copper...and silver as well! The more they're aged, the better I love them too. Both are timeless to me, looking more beautiful each year ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

LOVE this display!
Have a great weekend!

Bohemian said...

I love Copper when it has Verdigris patina covering it.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Gayle said...

Add me to the lovers of aged metals...of any kind! i am currently loving mixing them together for jewelry making.

Love your your blog!!

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