Well, so much for the cool Fall weather.
The heat is back.... yikes, I could not do the heat week after week. I am a climate change kind of girl. I am so looking forward to jeans and long sleeves...
browns and rusts and mustard's, oh my.
Speaking of color, I went to my first apparel show this weekend. Man, those folks do things different... can you say slow paced... and since when do old men run the show. Unbelievable. I could tell after 5 minutes that most of these guys were from Chicago.... I'll say no more, but I have got a lot to learn if I'm going to branch out.... if any of you have advice on how to break into the clothing boutique business, I need Tee shirt class 101 because I failed miserably.
Anyway, here is a calm photo shoot from the Barn.
don't these pears look inviting

looks like we should be making a late summer drink of some kind

new art from Artist, Sue Wolfe

New fun size 20x20 in both canvas and metal.
I sold this one and it is going above a stove.... doesn't that sound so fun.
The August J d'Arc has arrived at the store...I have a couple issues left. We are currently taking orders for October and November (Christmas issue - a must have)
Happy Monday everyone.
In these parts the State Fair starts on Thursday this week.
A sure sign that Fall is near and school is starting soon.


Jana Johnson Label said...

Buying apparel is quite different than gifts... It requires a lot of research and trial and error. Go to boutiques that you like and check out their lines and look them up in your book at the show.
Good luck...
I haven't figured out custom t-shirts yet either...the best I can figure out is to go to a local printer,pay around $30.00 for a master,buy a few t-shirts that you know fit, print them up, and give them a try. I think the men who work with mainly t-shirts are in resort mode and not fashion...

Amy Kinser said...

I would love to have some info on ordering an upcoming magazine. I have been seeing photos around of it and it is so beautiful. Can you help me out with some details? Thanks so much.

And, I love the pears. I love everything in that picture.

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