pack your bags

Pack your bags..... but who has time to travel.
Not me.
Time is moving fast but things are getting done. Hooray!
I am finally feeling a little bit of the stress wash away as the store is coming together, my house is finally clean, the laundry done, the weeds are picked, and ... at the moment anyway, there is NO drama, any where around me.
...just Peace

loads of Black vintage luggage

I am a sucker for the brown and black leather mix

lots of burlap ribbon in for Fall

I am so happy to say that I have 4 yes FOUR days off at the hospital.
My list is long....I've told my family "stay out of the way."
So if you stop by the store and see a blur blow by it's just me .... starting Halloween, finishing Fall and getting things ready for Junk Bonanza. More news to come.
ttfn.... ~ L


countrycharisma said...

Your shop looks so inviting, and love love love the angel!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us all the eye candy, Lori! Glad to hear you got some time off from the hospital. You are one busy, busy gal! ;o)
Have a great week!
~ Jo :)

P.S. Just letting you know I still want the Jeanne d'Arc magazine. :)

RustyClover said...

You go girl!!! Cant wait to see results! Enjoy your creative freedom!!!!! Peace, Katy

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