Halloween- it's all about the treat

I love Sunday mornings when I am home with my coffee and my computer.
Sitting in my comfy sweats.... yellow, cut-offs from one of my boys... washed too many times so they are super soft... love them.

Coffee in my new cup from Anthro....birthday cup

Home alone... peace and quiet...if you didn't factor in Bella...big, bad guard dog... who needs to go out every 5 minutes, and wants to come in every 10!!  And thinks she should have a treat upon entering - it's all about the treats !  Right now she is out back, eyeing every garden in site, trying to decide where to bury the sock she has swiped from my son's bedroom.   I am going to look the other way and get back to this....

Halloween has entered the Barn.

I do a BIG Halloween at the Barn.

Guests start asking when Halloween is coming out in July !!
I try and have it out by the end of August, but this year I had a few things come up...
 BUT it is out, it is GRAND and it is going to take me a week or more to show you!!!

loads of masks... I don't think the gloves made it into the photos but the are Divine... pearls and feathers AND oh so sexy.... I think they could be used for other things..wink! not just the parties!

funky owls and ravens

A lot of treat buckets and funky treat bag tags

...and fabulous one-of-kind spiders, rats, ravens....
I could go on and on but you will see soon enough...

Unless you come see us at the Barn... before everything is gone!!

You know me, I shop in small quantities... a little of this and a little of that.

Junk Bonanza this week.

I will be joining you all as a buyer this year.
I will not be doing my regular booth....

so if you want to see the goods you will have to drive up to the Barn.

if you need directions or if you are running late just call....

laters, baby


Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Just found your blog. So cute! New Follower.


hong kong property said...

awesome work! i really love the masks

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