spooky dinner

More spooky Barn photos.
Isn't this a fabulous picture....
the web, the spiders...big guy and little guy...and my red eyed mouse.


dinner party...
the table is set AND it looks like the food is gone!!

Mr. Creepy Butler

look at all the little guys....

crunch. crunch. crunch.

look at his little toes

Now that October is right around the corner, the Halloween product will be consumed fast.  We have so much fun with it at the Barn, one of my favorite things to vignette.

Come see before all the good stuff is gone!!

Jeanne d'Arc Living - October issue just arrived and it is super!!
 Loads of white! Tons of interior pictures.
 I don't know why it always arrives on the weekend.
We will get them to the post on Monday.
The copies out at the Barn are going fast but I do have a few issues left.
Also, a few issues left at the online shop.

Happy October Monday.


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