need a hand...

Friends help friends out. 

Friends watch your back, keep track and lend a helping hand.

That's the privilege of having friends.

Truly, we are here on this Earth for the shortest period of time, we encounter many people on our daily journeys.  Some are just that, a brief encounter, never to see them again. Some, we may not see again but that encounter stays with us forever - molding us somehow.  Then there are those that we meet and we keep close, choosing to allow them to be part of our lives.  It is a privilege to have friendships... friends help out and watch your back.

The hands remind me of my friends gathered around.

I love the hands.

Do you also love the boxes... I obsess over the boxes.

All of these lovelies are fresh off the boat from Europe - including the funky canvas bags

Wilma - made in the USA

Stay warm.

We are having fun... boxes arriving daily.


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Christine said...

I am truly honored to be considered your friend! XOXO

Layer it on. Change it up.

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