Winter Bliss

I can't believe it is nearing the end of January.

With our March-like weather here in Minnesota, I can't believe it is January at all. 
Not that I am complaining. 
I am not a cold, sub-zero fan at all. 
I like this 30 - 40 degree stuff.

The warmer weather is plain winter bliss.
Baking, relaxing, eating.
Thinking good thoughts about Spring.

hello sunshine

looking forward to the Farmers Market

please grow...

this little piggy went to market.

Speaking of market, I did manage to go to the Minneapolis Market earlier this week.  Even though I spent a ton in Atlanta, I managed to find more goods in Minneapolis.


Love this over-sized burlap ribbon. 10 feet long.
Available on line.

The shorter style and the French script ribbon... new!
Love !
Also, available on line.

Happy Friday everyone.

I am going to get busy with my list.

For some reason my list gets longer as the week goes on instead of getting shorter.  Which means I add to the list faster then I cross off.  What is wrong with this picture... what happened to my elves...

I do believe I need a personal assistant...
How can one person have so much to do...

~ L


lilybets said...

Here I am !A bit far away !
Happy week-end !

lori miller vintage design co said...

A bit far away but your offer is taken to heart.


Love your little mouse

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