good morning

Good morning!
It is Friday and I am sure everyone has busy, busy plans for the weekend.
I know I am going to be making lists like crazy....

I always feel I will be ahead of the game because my house is decorated and ready (....home tour last weekend) But oh no... still feelings of being behind schedule.

About the home tour, yes, it is over and yes, it was fabulous AND YES I am excited about how my house turned out.... but I am still having problems with the damn computer.... hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Thank God I had lots of pictures already uploaded...
but I am starting to run out....

cute cabinet ...sold
cute tree ...picked clean

So cute vintage high chair!

We actually have 3 oh-so-cute vintage high chairs right now... one even has a galvanized tray top!!!

It seems that my customer's Can not wait for our before Christmas sale.
 So we are doing an email special 

 Friday - Sunday.

30% off all ornaments!!!

3 days only

Just mention you got the email and the sale is for you!!!
Otherwise, bring in your email or flash your phone....

See you soon.


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time worn interiors said...

Oh my! I am drooling over photos of your store! It leaves me wanting to see more and more!

Happy Holidays!


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