Gold is back...

...and so are pearls. Love the pearls. Gold is making a comeback this year also, but not with the traditional gold and red....well, at least not here at the Barn. Gold and White or what I am really into is Gold and Nickle... check it out.

industrial chic with some sparkle

yep, yep, yep

at your service

mix in some things from the garden...add a little burlap...pearls....yep, you have got it goin' on.
baby Bella's first puppy collar fits right in with the decor

Christmas at the Barn
Dec. 15th - 20%
Dec. 21st - 30%
Dec 26th - 50%


Vintage Market Place said...

Doorknob Cocktails look great!
You always have the best ideas.
Mixing such wonderful pearly items
with hardware is so romantic.
I love checking in to see what you have come up with.

Faded Charm said...

Love the color combo myself. As always great photos.

Enjoy your weekend.


Junk Girl said...

Hey Lori! LOVE the pictures! Great ideas! I need to go and do a little tweeking before the junk girls come to my house tomorrow! Hope your holiday is a great one! Andrea

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