summer smiles

I love August when the sunflowers pop up.

Don't they make you smile


I was driving to the hospital... yes, my real job... anyway, I was driving in and spotted this sweet little clump, gathering, sweet little get together of sunflowers.

I had to snap a few shots and share with you.... so I pulled around the block... what's 5 minutes to spare on this beautiful morning...

Aren't they beautiful.
Yesterday as I drove the same route, I looked for my new found beauties..


The city... or the owner, had mowed the tall grass and the sunflowers too.

So Sad.

At least we had them for a day.



mary pernula said...

I love them, I am looking forward to mine opening up real soon, I was worried they would not even grow this year. Hugs Mary

Kathy said...

First time visitor, your sunflower was so happy I had to check you out. Sunflowers are my favorite and those are some beauties.

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