Tasty treats

Last week I had a couple of mornings off.

It is so nice to get up and lounge on the computer and out at the pool with the sun just coming up. I grab my coffee, my books and my morning snack (first breakfast).  Earlier,  Mr. Miller had picked up a store bought apple pie, which wasn't bad, but I remembered I had brought home my maple pumpkin butter. I put a dab on top of the pie AND it was so GOOD.  Normally I like it on toast with peanut butter... DeLish! (second breakfast).

It is like Apple butter ... yum.

the scone mix is also Fabulous...
It's time to do some baking

"we want some, we want some, we want some ...."

Also just in ...

you can eat it right out of the jar... but it is best warmed up slightly on ice cream or brownies or pancakes....

thanks for stopping.

Happy Fall.

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